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Hiking Guide To Mount Rogers

Absolutely breathtaking. A hiking experience you will never forget and more than likely want to do more than once. Where is that you ask? Why, none other than the nationally renowned Mount Rogers National Recreation Area. This spectacular mountain range, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia offers all the great features hikers look for when indulging their pastime.

Mount Rogers is often referred to as Virginia’s rooftop due to it being the highest point in the entire state at 5,729 feet. It is beloved because of its Canada type of climate complete with similar forests. Yet others compare it to the Big Sky area of Montana.

Mount Rogers is part of the Jefferson National Forest and was established 45 years ago in 1966. The area comprises over 400 miles of planned trails and pretty much run the gamut as far as types of roads. There are some that are made to be traveled only by foot, while still some allow for horse and even bicycle usage. A word of advice; if you are seeking some solitude do plan accordingly as sometimes the area is very popular on the weekends and certain times of year.

Mount Rogers - Spruce-Fir Forest
Mount Rogers – Spruce-Fir Forest

Two of the more popular paths are the Appalachian Trail (AT) and Virginia Trail along with the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail. One appealing aspect of the horse trail is that it is around 50 miles long and by virtue of connecting with several other trails it also offers many what are referred to as loop routes.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when planning for a hiking trip to this fantastic mountain range. Determine, according to the time of year you plan on coming, what type of clothing you will need and pack accordingly. As mentioned above, if you are seeking some quiet solitary time, you may elect to come when there are not so many people. There are almost always a number of folks around, just that some times of the year are more popular than others.

While hiking is understandably the most popular pastime in Mount Rogers, there are several other activities and forms of entertainment available. This is important to know because often if people are visiting as a family or group, there are obviously going to be one or two among you who may not be as into hiking as you are.

Plus, even if you yourself are there primarily to hike, there is inevitably going to be some down time when you just want to unwind and relax or perhaps find some different activities to take part in. Either way, rest assured that there will be plenty of you to do at Mount Rogers.

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