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Determining Capped Fee Amount

Mount Rogers Community Services is committed to providing high quality healthcare, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.  One way we make good on that promise is by offering a sliding fee scale.

Eligibility for the sliding fee scale is based on household income and household size based upon federal guidelines.

You may initiate a request for financial assistance which may be granted if the request meets the established criteria.

Mount Rogers Community Services may offer a capped fee amount, based on the sliding fee scale (see below example), for individuals who are uninsured or underinsured.  Below is a basic example of how we determine the amount.

  • In the Annual Taxable Household Income Range column, find the appropriate income range.
  • Within the appropriate income range, then find the appropriate number of Family Size.
  • The amount in the row, based on the income range and family size, will be the projected monthly capped fee.



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Our Services

Mount Rogers Community Services strives to provide a vast array of services to meet the mental health, substance use disorder, and developmental disability needs of the communities we serve. Many programs are offered at multiple locations across our five county service area. The best way to access services is to contact Mount Rogers or simply arrive at one of our Same Day Access locations.



Mount Rogers Community Services’ Industrial and Developmental Centers (IDC) provide employment and growth opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Learn more about gaining employment or manufacturing your product through the IDC.